Potty Training Overview

pottyI have a fully detailed post on the potty training process, but if you prefer the short 1-pager summary, click on the image below, or view/print the PDF of Potty Training Stages.

Read the columns titled: Stage and “What child knows…”   Find the stage for which your child can consistently do all the things described in that second column. That tells you what your child’s developmental stage is. Then look at what you can do to help them progress to the next stage.

I hesitate to give any ages for any stage, because the age at which children reach each stage can range a great deal. It depends on gender, the child’s temperament, parent’s temperament, cultural expectations, and other external influences.  Approximate ages: Body and Potty Awareness sometime between 16 – 24 months. Many children may be ready for Practicing from 20 – 30 months.  Most girls reach “mostly” by 36 months, and most boys by 39 months. (1 in 5 children will be “completely potty trained” in terms of urine, but still choosing to poop in diaper rather than using the potty.) Most are “completely” potty trained by age 5, though 10% of kids have issues with night-time urine control up to age 7 or 8,

More info from the American Academy of Family Physicians; American Academy of Pediatrics and the University of Michigan.

photo credit: thejbird via photopin cc

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