Songs, Books & Activities for Kids

On my blog, and elsewhere on the web, there are lots of great ideas for creative activities that help build kids’ brains while they’re playing. I’ve collected some ideas here:

Songs to Sing

Learn about the benefits of music for kids’ development, find lyrics and tunes to lots of favorite songs that toddlers and preschoolers love, learn about books that sing, and use these resources to find lots of other great songs to sing and reasons to sing them!

Books to Read

Check out my list of favorite books to read to your kids, and recommended parenting books for you. Plus check out games and activities that build your child’s literacy skills, and other ways to inspire a young reader.

Cheap Dates with Kids

If you’ve got cabin fever and are feeling stuck at home with your little one, I have a whole series of ideas for cheap, easy activities outside the house that kids love. Most of these can be done anywhere in the U.S. and most also contain ideas for specific places to go in the Seattle area.

Crafts & Art Activities

Check out the Bellevue College Parent Education Pinterest page.

Also, check out my “Fun with Toddlers” series. (Click on the link in the right hand toolbar – or find the printable handouts here.) They are organized around a series of themes (Fall, Winter, Spring, Ducks, Transportation. etc.) and include songs to sing, books to read, crafts to do, field trips to take, and so on.


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