Resources on Injury Prevention and First Aid

Check out this great info-graphic on childhood injury prevention from the CDC. To see more:

There are lots of great resources for safety information, but my favorite online collection is at:

  • Their safety and injury prevention section includes a wide range of topics… In the list below, I’ve linked to a few of my favorite articles on their site, but if you go there directly, you’ll find lots more!
  • Bike Safety, Car Seats, Choosing Safe Baby Products, Driver Education, Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Health, Falls (what to do in case of one), Fire Safety, Gun Safety, Helmets, Home Safety checklists, Injury Prevention, Pedestrian Safety, Playground Safety, Summer Safety tips, Sports Safety (skating, skiing,etc.), Sun Exposure, Toy Safety, Travel & vehicle safety, and water safety.
  • Their first aid section includes info on how to treat allergic reactions, bites (animal and bug), burns, CPR, choking, lacerations (cuts), poisoning, stings, strains and sprains, and broken bones.

Here’s my free printable handout on injury prevention for toddlers and another one on car seat safety.

Check out the prevention tips now and take steps to prevent injury. And… check out first aid tips now so you’re familiar with what to do before / in case something happens!

We also want to teach our children safety skills for how to explore their world, but still be safe, and understand the appeal of risky play and how to allow some of it while setting reasonable limits.


3 thoughts on “Resources on Injury Prevention and First Aid

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