Videos and Podcasts about Brain Development

With two jobs and a toddler at home, I don’t have a lot of time to read. I’m guessing you may not have much time to read either!

But, with a smartphone or tablet that can play videos and mp3 sound recordings, there’s a whole world of free educational opportunities on the Internet. I can listen to these while driving, working out, doing dishes, or walking to the store. Here are some good options for learning more about brain development and toddlers:


The Zero to Three podcast series is fabulous: “Each podcast features an interview with an expert that focuses on how to apply the research of early childhood development to your daily interactions with your baby or toddler.” Creating Healthy Connections: Nurturing Brain Development From Birth to Three featuring Alison Gopnik, Ph.D. is just one of the great podcasts you’ll find there:

YouTube videos:

Infant Brain development: A brief video on brain development including animations of how brain wiring occurs. (3:15)

Nurturing your child’s Early Brain development: Chaya Kulkarni, Director of Infant Mental Health Promotion at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, tells why it’s so important to nurture your child’s early brain development, and how to do it. 11:07

Early learning and the Brain: Discusses research into early brain development at the University of Washington Institute for Learning and Brain Sciences (I-Labs). Very accessible presentation about what research can show us.5:42

Wiring the Brain for Success: Early Childhood and Developmental Psychology Expert, Dr. Becky Bailey shares her insights on how neuroscience reveals optimal situations that will wire our children for success. Focus is on how children must first master their survival skills (brain stem), then emotional skills (limbic system), then executive skills (frontal lobe.) 17:48

How Parenting Affects Your Child’s Brain: Child and family therapist Jennifer Kolari explains how positive parenting, safety, and love stimulate the production of oxytocin in a child’s brain and how that benefits the child and the parents. 9:23  More from Jennifer Kolari.

Brain development and Nurturing Children’s Growing Minds: If you want to dive deep into this topic: Victoria Tennant did a presentation to foster parents (some number of years ago) about neurobiology of the brain, the effect of abuse and neglect on a developing brain and what you can do to help a child be all that he/she was meant to be. (Part 1 is over an hour.)

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