Pathways Developmental Screening Tool


Pathways has sensory motor checklists for ages birth to 7 years. They’re available at

Parents check off how their child is doing in these areas: play and social skills, coordination, daily activities, and self-expression. The instructions state “It is important to look at your child’s overall tendencies and clusters of behavior. One or two concerns should not cause alarm. However, if your child is not frequently and consistently demonstrating more than a few of the listed items in each category, print the list, check your concerns, and discuss them with your healthcare professional.”

This is a helpful easy to use tool that’s free to use and can be copied freely. They also have good information on their site about Sensory Integration and signs that a child has a sensory issue.

You can also check out

2 thoughts on “Pathways Developmental Screening Tool

  1. Helena Marco Gemuhay

    This is very excellent tool to assess child developmental milestones
    Kindly assist me how to use and measure each domain in the tool,how many items a child required to pass or fail to identify delayed milestones

    1. Janelle Durham Post author

      If your child has not yet reached 1 or 2 milestones on a checklist, wait a month and reassess and see if they’ve reached them. If they are missing several or they are consistently behind in one domain (for example, always behind on large motor skills), then you should check in with their care provider. Click on the links in this post to learn more.


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