Resources for Understanding Child Development

This is a collection of all my favorite resources for understanding developmental milestones, and enhancing your child’s development at any stage.

Great Resources for Understanding Child Development, Tailored to the Age of Your Child:

Just in Time Parenting from eXtension. 8 page newsletters, which include sections on milestones (how I talk, how I understand, how I move), activities parents can do to enhance development, and tips for managing the predictable challenges of each phase. Issues are available in 2 month intervals (e.g. 19 – 20 months; 21 – 22 months, etc. Up to 5 years.) You can subscribe to receive free automatic email updates every two months, or you can download any newsletter issue now at:

Zero to Three. Healthy Minds, Nurturing Your Child’s Development: Each 2 page handout includes a summary of what your child is capable of, ideas for activities you can do to enhance development, and questions to ask yourself about your child. Toddler handouts for 12 – 18 months, 18 – 24 months, and 24 – 36 months.

Screening Tools to Assess Whether Your Child is Developing Normally

Ages and Stages Questionnaire: This questionnaire takes about 15 minutes to complete online. It will ask 6 questions in each of 5 areas of development: small motor skills, large motor, communication, problem-solving, and personal-social. If your child is developing normally, you will see that you will mark some of the skills as “yes, my child has mastered this”, some as “my child can sometimes do this” and some as “not yet.” After you complete the questionnaire, you will receive a brief summary of the results. Learn more about the ASQ and interpreting your results. Up to 6 years. (Note, this screening is also available at

In Seattle/King County, professional ASQ screenings are available free at Parent Trust for Washington Children.

Learn the Signs, Act Early from the Centers for Disease Control. One page checklists of “What Most Children Do at This Age” AND checklists of “Act Early by Talking to Your Child’s Doctor if Your Child Does Not Do…” In English and Spanish. Up to 5 years.

Pathways Sensory-Motor Checklist. Checklists of: play and social skills, coordination milestones, ability to manage daily activities, and self-expression. A list of milestones – if your child has achieved most, they are on track. If there are multiple items in a category that your child is not consistently capable of, discuss with a professional. Up to 7 years.

Resources for activities that stimulate development

Ideas for Activities to enhance all areas of development, and an overview of brain development:

Learning Opportunities in Everyday Activities (e.g. laundry!)

For each age, ideas to enhance learning in creative arts, language, literacy, math, science, emotional growth. Up to age 8.

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