Rhymes and Songs from Circle Time

Here are some rhymes and songs we’ve done in class in the past few weeks:

Ring Around the Rosie. lyrics and motions

Humpty Dumpty. words and variationsvideo

Round and Round the Garden (rhyme) words and motions – we use variation 3

A welcome song: “I roll the ball to _____, s/he rolls it back to me.”

Are You Hiding? Done to the tune of Frere Jacques: “Are you hiding? Are you hiding? Yes I am. Yes I am. Now it’s time to come out, now it’s time to come out. Peek-a-boo! Peek-a-boo!”

And the peekaboo puppet song, also to Frere Jacque: “Someone is hiding, someone is hiding, who can it be? Who can it be? Now it’s time to come out….”

Check out lots more rhymes and songs here. And learn about the benefits of singing with your child here.

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