I just discovered a great resource. The Just in Time parenting e-newsletter, developed by Cooperative Education faculty in colleges across the country. They’re free of charge, commercial-free, research-based, easy to understand, and easy to share with your partner and other people who care for your child. To give you a sense of the range of content, the articles in the 18-month newsletters are: Use Words to Describe the Way Your Child Feels (ties into our next topic for class – on Emotional Intelligence), Spanking Doesn’t Work – Teaching Children How to Act, What is it like to be 17-18 months old; Sharing is Hard – Start Teaching Your Toddler Now; Avoid Spoiling Your Child: Set and Reinforce Limits; Set Mealtime Routines with your Family; Let Your Child Decide How Much to Eat, Let Your Toddler Help Around the House; A Hearing Test is Important; When others criticize, you can listen but not agree; Teach Your Child to Connect Sounds to Objects.

How to view:

Go here ( and click on subscribe now and they will email you monthly newsletters till your child turns one, then newsletters every other month to age 5.

Or, you can just scroll to the bottom of that page and “browse” the newsletters right now. For me, at least, the PDF’s are not working, but the webpage versions are.

They have podcasts for 1 – 12 months. I haven’t listened to them yet… You can listen with any device that has a Flash player, or can get through I-Tunes store:

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