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COVID and Travel – Summer 2021

For summer 2021, many parents are facing a dilemma. Adults are able to be vaccinated against COVID, but children under the age of 12 are not. Is travel safe? It depends on a lot of things, and every parent needs to make their own judgment call.

Questions to consider:

  • Who will the child be interacting with? And how likely is it that those people are vaccinated? And how likely is it they will be taking precautions against transmission, whatever their vaccination status?
  • How / where will your child interact with others? The risk of transmission in outdoor, socially distanced settings where most people are vaccinated is low. The risk in indoors, poorly ventilated, non-distanced settings, with unmasked and unvaccinated people is much higher.
  • How prevalent is coronavirus where you will be traveling to? If the case rates in the community are very low, that’s safer. If they’re high, that’s riskier.
  • Will your child (over age 2) wear a mask? That helps reduce risk.
  • How concerned are you about your child getting COVID? Does your child have any health conditions that would make COVID especially risky for them?

Data that might inform your decision-making:

Here are resources for learning more, with detailed recommendations for what you can do to assess and reduce risk while traveling.

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