The Wind Tube

We’ve built a great new science exploration tool, which we’ll definitely be using in our new Family Inventors’ Lab class and we MIGHT premiere it at this weekend’s Healthy Kids, Healthy Families Fair if beta testing continues to go well. The Exploratorium shared a project idea for building a Wind Tube.It’s basically a clear tube […]

Building a Scarf Cannon

We’ve travelled to many children’s museums around the country, and our sons favorite exhibits are always the ones where fans or pneumatic tube systems shoot balls or scarves ¬†through tubes, like the “scarf poof” at Kidsquest, the Air-mazing Laboratory at Imagine in Everett, ¬†and this one at the Tacoma children’s museum: We started with the […]

Mindport in Bellingham

In Bellingham, WA, there’s a fascinating place called Mindport. It’s a little like an art gallery full of beautifully crafted exhibits… but unlike art galleries, you get to touch and interact with everything! It’s a little like a children’s museum where children are welcomed and can explore and play with everything… but the exhibits are […]