Screen Time – Connection, Context, Content

When considering screen time for your child, think about three C’s: Connection – does the screen enhance or disrupt relationships? Context – when, where, and how is it used? Content – quality standards may be more important than quantity guidelines.

A book about balancing screen time and outdoor time

I wanted to write about the book Dot. by Zuckerberg and Berger. It’s an intriguing book that reviewers on Amazon either love or hate, and it inspires debate about the place of screen time in children’s lives. First, an overview of the book. This is a picture book for 3 – 6 year olds, with appealing illustrations, […]

Pathways Developmental Screening Tool

Pathways has sensory motor checklists for ages birth to 7 years. They’re available at Parents check off how their child is doing in these areas: play and social skills, coordination, daily activities, and self-expression. The instructions state “It is important to look at your child’s overall tendencies and clusters of behavior. One or two […]