Your Safety Style as a Parent

Do you imagine taking your child rock climbing, bungee jumping, and white water rafting? Do you enjoy big bold play like tossing them up in the air and spinning them round? Or do you wish you could keep your child in a soft padded room full of soft padded objects so he need never get […]

Teaching Safety Skills to Toddlers

In the early years of parenting, it’s completely the parents’ responsibility to keep the baby safe. But by the time our children  leave the nest at 18 or so, we hope that they are fully capable of making wise decisions to keep themselves safe without our help or advice. How do we get them to […]

Depth or Breadth in Kids’ Activities?

When it comes to choosing extracurricular activities for a child, or picking the best summer camp, some parents choose a focus for their child early on: “we’re a Little League family” or “all of us play stringed instruments” can even be a big part of their family identity. For my family, I chose to take […]

Let Your Child Explore Fine Motor Skills

Introducing Playdough Today in a Facebook group, a parent of a 12 month old asked for the best playdough for a child who still puts everything in their mouth. Lots of parents and teachers in the group had great advice: They recommended edible options like Note: just because they’re edible doesn’t mean you should let […]

Talking to Young Children about Emergency Drills

As adults responsible for children’s safety, parents and teachers of preschool age children need to know and to practice what we would do in case of an emergency. Fire drills, earthquake drills, tornado drills and, sadly, lockdown drills are an essential part of planning how to keep children safe. But… how do we talk to […]