Emotional Development in Children

Emotional development Children begin life with very simple emotions, which become more complex over time. Developmental theorists differ in their opinions of exactly when children develop each stage, but the general order of development is: Distress vs. contentment: From birth, newborn babies have two broad emotional states. They have moments of distress – hunger, pain, […]

Appropriate Ways to Express Feelings

I created three posters as visual aids parents and teachers can use for teaching young children lots of options for appropriate ways to express emotions and release big feelings before they get so big that the child melts down. Here are images, or you can download this free PDF of emotional literacy posters for kids. […]


We often think of meltdowns and tantrums as a toddler behavior, but they still happen with older children (even adults!) Meltdowns are more common for neurodiverse children, including kids with autism, anxiety and sensory processing disorders. But any one can have one given enough stressors. Tantrum vs. Meltdown When you see a child throw themselves […]