Choosing a Preschool – Questions to Ask

After you’ve thought about your goals for a preschool and made a list of local options, you can learn more about those options by looking at their websites, going to open houses and visiting. Here are some things you’ll want to think about as you do that: What do they teach? They should work on […]

Choosing a Preschool: Step 2 is learning about your options

Once you’ve decided what your needs and goals are for preschool, you’re ready to make a list of local programs. Get familiar with available options: look at parenting magazines or newspapers or the yellow pages. Do web searches. Find an accredited program: Search for local child care and preschools, go to Go to […]

Choosing a Preschool: Step 1 is figuring out your needs and your goals

Consider your logistical needs for a preschool Before you start looking at options, think about your “must haves” for preschool. It’s important to start here, because otherwise you might fall in love with a program and then discover that you can’t possibly make the logistics of it work for your family. Things to consider: Child […]

Preschool Choice Time

The holidays are over. You’re ready to sit back and relax. Then suddenly you start seeing ads for preschool fairs, and lectures on choosing a preschool, your parent educator tells you the discussion topic is preschool, friends ask you if you’ve decided what you’re doing next year, and other parents tell you that you need […]

Great Classes for Kids AND Parents: Parent Education & Coop Preschools

Are you a parent of a baby, toddler, or preschool age child? Are you looking for: A place where your child can explore toys, do art, hear stories, sing songs, and make friends? (And use up some energy on a cold winter day?) A fun activity to do with your child where s/he learns new […]